Lil Baby is joining the chorus of celebrities, athletes, and other high-end power players who prefer getting paid in cryptocurrency over cash.

A recent Instagram video revealed the rapper talking about the value of the Web3 Metaverse, and on the video, he also spoke about wanting to get paid in cryptocurrency.

“Metaverse,” he said in the recording. “I stay in the Metaverse from now on. I don’t even want no more cash.”

You can check out the video below.


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Lil Baby joins the likes of rapper Meek Mill in the chorus of those who want to get paid in cryptocurrency.

As AfroTech previously reported, more music distributors are offering artists payment in cryptocurrency, and Meek Mill wants to join in after claims of poor business dealings with his label, Atlantic Records, through Maybach Music Group.

Meek Mill aims to follow in the footsteps of Atlanta rapper Money Man, who announced he’d be receiving his album advance — $1,002,912 or $68,000 per digital token — in Bitcoin through Cash App for his next record deal, Vibe reports.

It’s unclear if Lil Baby has the option of getting paid in Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, with his record label. However, what is clear is that the nature of the music industry has had many of these artists rethinking their strategies about investing. And, with the help of trusted advisors, they are diversifying their investments into the cryptocurrency world. What’s also unclear is how the metaverse plays into Lil Baby’s long-term investment plans, unless he is currently working on something and isn’t disclosing the details until the deal is finalized.

Regardless, he deserves props for keeping his options open and thinking twice before taking the first steps.

Lil Baby: His Business Ventures

If Lil Baby does, indeed, succeed at getting his payments exclusively in crypto, he can only add to his growing $5 million empire.

His avatar is worth nearly $200,000, and he’s one of Vevo’s most-viewed artists of 2021.