LeToya Luckett has become a brand ambassador for plant-based feminine health and hygiene company Kushae.

According to a press release, the Black-owned business founded by Kimba Williams, is on a mission to debunk myths and break barriers women encounter while speaking about feminine health and wellness. In light of Women’s Health Month, welcoming Luckett onto its team aims to spread awareness and educate more women.

Statement From Kushae, Co-Founder and CEO, Kimba Williams:

“Women are craving real, credible, honest sources of information about feminine and intimate health. We chose LeToya Luckett as our Kushae’s Brand Ambassador because of her passion for healthy living. We welcome her unique perspective as a woman of color, Mom, and health advocate to help spread the word about the importance of using natural, chemical-free products.”

Statement From LeToya Luckett:

“I am excited to work with Kushae. As the proud Mom of two beautiful children, I understand how the different phases of life can change a woman’s body. I support Kushae’s simple, science-backed natural products and welcome the opportunity to spread positive information to educate women about the importance of their feminine health and wellness.”

Kushae Raised $1.25M For Feminine Health and Wellness

Kushae will also offer customers who spend over $50 an opportunity to secure one of five autographed products using the code “LETOYA.” The partnership furthers Kushae’s efforts to ensure women are at the center of its brand as it works to release effective and plant-based products while creating a safe space for women to have a conversation about their health routines.

Williams’ formula is working as her company raised $1.25 million backed by venture capitalists and angel investors, placing her as one of the first 100 Black women to accomplish this feat.