An athlete’s ability to play their best is dependent on their health. With his latest brand, an NBA GOAT is leading by example.

A New Supplement Brand

Forbes reports that LeBron James has launched Ladder — a nutrition and supplement brand. The idea for the company came after the start of the NBA superstar’s journey of using supplements to take him from severe muscle cramps in the 2014 postseason to improving his nutrition and fitness regimen.

Now he’s ready for others to prioritize their overall health as James and his longtime trainer Mike Mancias have been developing Ladder’s products for four years.

“It’s a lifelong journey to create a legacy. Don’t shortcut the process. It’s not just about the finish line, championship, or personal best,” Ladder’s Instagram page wrote in a post, according to the outlet. “It’s about putting in the work every day, creating habits to help you go faster and harder for longer. LeBron James knows it best. He knows what his body needs to perform at its peak. When he couldn’t find it, he assembled a team of experts to make it. And now it’s ready for you.”

What Ladder Is Set To Offer

Although the outlet notes it was quite a challenge, James and Mancias were intentional about finding products that were free of banned substances and contaminants. Ladder prides itself on offering “clean products known for taste, quality and performance.”

The start of the company’s entry into the market features whey and plant protein, pre-workout, superfood greens, plant-based nutrition shakes, and hydration products.

LeBron's Company Joins Small Group Of Organic Supplements

Clean products in the supplement industry are hard to come by, and Ladder is one of the few to take on the mission.

“I completely understand LeBron’s journey. Getting the most out of yourself in a natural way is very difficult, and like me, he took it upon himself to find a solution,” said Joshua Hollings, who is the co-founder and inventor of Hustle Drops — a raw, natural performance booster.

He continued: “We feel there are many natural compounds that have not received the attention they deserve in the performance supplement world. There are natural compounds with great potential, but simply have not been communicated properly to the public.”