Looking for a complete guide to launching a website for your small business in 30 days? You’ve come to the right place.


Day 1

Start with a goal.

Day 2

Grab an unforgettable domain name.

Day 3

Choose a hosting plan.

Day 4

Pick a reliable content management system (CMS).

Day 5

Customize the look of your site to fit your brand.

Day 6

Customize your favicon, which is the small icon next to your website address in the address bar.

Day 7

Create a logo that represents your brand.

Day 8

Add a retina logo so that your site logo looks great on high-resolution screens.

Day 9

Add social share images, which appear in snippets when someone shares your website on social media.

Day 10

Create high-quality, goal-driven content.

Day 11

Set up Google Analytics.

Day 12

Increase website security using plugins like Sucuri or MalCare. Also, make sure you have an SSL certificate.

Day 13

Protect your site against spam using plugins like AntiSpam Bee or Akismet.

Day 14

Use a search engine optimization (SEO) plugin like Yoast SEO.

Day 15

Check all permalinks to make sure your URLs are short, memorable, and optimized for SEO.

Day 16

Choose a launch date.

Day 17

Fine-tune before publishing.

Day 18

Turn on search engine indexing to ensure your site becomes indexed in the search engines once it’s launched.

Day 19

Submit your website to Google to speed up the process of Google crawling your site.

Day 20

Test your website on different devices.

Day 21

Make sure your website is compatible with as many browsers as possible using a tool called Browsershots.

Day 22

Check for broken links using a plugin like Broken Link Checker for WordPress.

Day 23

Optimize images on your website to reduce page loading times.

Day 24

Check your grammar and spelling. Also, proofread content on all pages.

Day 25

Update the admin email address.

Day 26

Check your site’s performance using a website speed test.

Day 27

Create a backup version of your website.

Day 28

Perform a complete website audit, which measures your site’s performance in terms of content, SEO, design, and usability.

Day 29


Day 30

Start promoting through social media.