The very second you first understand the concept of what jobs are, people start asking the age-old question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Regardless of how the decision develops, each person eventually lands on what they want to do. Discovering your passion and calling is the fun part. For some — in particular, people of color — determining where to cultivate that passion can be much more intricate. But, finding a company that’s committed to equity, can provide a safe and inclusive space and ensures that benefits are on par with expectations isn’t quite as cumbersome as some may think. 

As the world of tech becomes inundated with career options for future technologists, Accenture has established itself as a world-class firm that’s delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. Accenture’s commitment to provide clients with diverse innovation allows it to achieve and develop the best solutions. The company’s culture of equity ensures an inclusive work environment for all to thrive. Accenture is a place where employees can reimagine their careers and bring their skills, curiosity and best, truest selves to their work.

Here are five reasons to consider Accenture the organization that will host your dream job.

  • You Have the Opportunity To Do Impactful Work

Every job has its fair share of challenges, but that shouldn’t outweigh the impact of the work you do and the effect you have on the world.

Associate Director Tamara Bowman is a member of Accenture’s Cloud First Architecture group. While Bowman admits that her work is challenging, she says it’s equally exciting. On a daily basis, her role encompasses a combination of Cloud project delivery, leading AI innovation teams, creating demos for clients, collaborating with industry experts, sales and presenting to clients.

A core part of the impact Bowman makes is rooted in her favorite project at Accenture. Her current focus is bringing highly emotive and expressive, human-like digital avatar capabilities to virtual agents for clients across homecare, recruiting, retail, mental health industries and more.

”We can really make a difference in the lives of the elderly and others because hyper-realistic virtual agents can help combat loneliness and provide companionship, especially from isolation caused by COVID-19,” Bowman explained. 

With programs like this, Bowman can bring her authentic self to work through her love of science fiction books and movies. “I really feel that my sci-fi dreams are coming true with the technologies that I get to work on at Accenture,” she said. 

  • You Can Create a Legacy of Wealth

As the global leader of Accenture’s Google Cloud Security Practice, Wayne Dennis spends much of the day helping clients use Google Cloud technologies to protect their data, like social security numbers and credit card information.

When Dennis isn’t involved in the security practices, he can be found working with the Wealth Creation Employee Resource Group. This ERG was created to improve the financial well-being of Accenture colleagues by spreading financial literacy while fostering an open and collaborative community to discuss personal finances.

Dennis fuels his passion for personal finances and investing by sharing knowledge and strategies to increase financial security. One of his inspirations for joining the ERG was his desire to spread financial awareness to his community.

“Far too often, employees of color are unaware of the benefits available to them. I find this to be true both in and outside of the workplace. Additionally, there are a lot of myths and misinformation around investing, insurance and general personal finance,” he pointed out.

  • You Can Show Up as Your Authentic Self

The Wealth Creation ERG is just one example of the employee engagement Accenture provides. Another opportunity for employees is the African American ERG (AAERG). Mariah Scott, Manager within Accenture’s Technology Strategy & Advisory Practice, is an active part of the AAERG and has been since she was recruited by Accenture during a trip to Essence Fest. 

While her focus is working with clients to identify value locked within blockchain and other emerging technologies to create new business models, she also provides opportunities for inclusion and diversity at Accenture.

Scott’s work includes a three-year tenure leading the Women’s History Month Initiative with the National AAERG. This role has allowed her to amplify topics that directly relate to African American women like Don’t Touch My Hair, Will Men Stand Up, Women Supporting Women, etc. 

“The community supports each other, and everyone is looking out for one another. Whether it’s project opportunities or upcoming phishing emails to watch out for, reaching out to the AAERG community you will always find an answer,” Scott said. 

  • You Have Opportunities to Elevate

Project Elevate presents Accenture’s mission to be an advocate and leader in improving opportunities for African American people by ensuring that inclusion is embedded into how the company recruits and retains people. This work is evidenced by the way it delivers technology and the footprint it has in the community. At the forefront of this work is Microsoft Technology Manager Amber Akins.

“We’re focused on building long-lasting relationships within [African American, Hispanic American and Latinx] communities, recruiting new diverse faces and cultivating a culture where they can have a sense of belonging and show up as their authentic selves, every day,” explained Akins.

Akins’ day-to-day role includes managing ​​Accenture’s powerful Technology ecosystem partners, like Microsoft, that are critical to selling and delivering Accenture’s services. She also works closely with Project Elevate by leading the Inclusive Language Project under the Culture pillar. 

Project Elevate organized an inclusive language committee that created the Technology Inclusive Language Guidebook, an internal reference tool to help Accenture’s people be more mindful of their language. Just as diversity can drive innovation in an organization, using inclusive language can increase creativity, innovation and employee performance because everyone feels welcome and comfortable bringing themselves to work.

  • You Have No Limits

If you’re not growing, you’re stuck. Accenture invests nearly $900 million each year in continuous learning, ensuring no employee has limits. Whether it’s cultural impact or acquiring certifications, there are boundaryless opportunities for growth. 

Darren Brown is a Senior Manager in Strategy & Consulting, specifically in CFO & Enterprise Value practice. He works in Finance Transformation, where he partners with CFOs to solve for the future and create insights to realize greater enterprise value in the digital world. Although he already holds the SAP FI certification that supports his work, Brown is consistently taking advantage of opportunities that foster continuous learning.

These include engaging in the Professional Development Pod of the AAERG, a team of motivated employees with a passion to help others grow personally and throughout their careers. 

“In the past, I have had a podcast series where I interview successful employees within the firm and discuss their story that got them to where they are in their career. Most recently, I have a series where we bring in an expert to discuss The Accenture Way of Negotiating,” Brown pointed out.

No matter the extracurricular focus, people at Accenture have safe places to belong or the opportunity to create a new space. Specifically for African American employees, the company is committed to making sure there are opportunities for engagement through employee resource groups, mentorships, learning and development, and project teams. Accenture understands your journey toward landing that dream job is no easy feat, but what makes it worthwhile is navigating the journey authentically.

To find out more about the culture and opportunities at Accenture, visit here.