Kyrie Irving continues to use his good fortune to bless others.

According to Daily Mail, the NBA superstar and Dallas Mavericks guard provided a 93-year-old Black woman with $40,000 through GoFundMe as she fights to keep her family home.

The woman, Josephine Wright, inherited a 1.8-acre plot of land on South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island after her husband passed in 2012.

Today, she is being sued by Bailey Point Investment Group under claims that she is blocking progress on a 147-unit complex, which will sit next to her property.

Per the report, the developers have allegedly offered up to $39,000 to purchase the land from Wright. Since she has said “no,” the 93-year-old woman states that she has been harassed, including having trash thrown onto her property, her tires slashed, and a snake hung from her window.

“I guess they figured I would become so unnerved with the harassment that I would say, ‘Take it,’” Wright said during a press conference. “But they don’t know me. I am here to fight for what I have.”

A part of that fight includes a GoFundMe page created for Wright that aims to raise $350,000 to pay for legal fees in the battle against the developers. By July 13, she had raised $248,263.

Now, thanks to the donation from Irving, Wright has enough to keep the fight going to hold onto her land.

As for Irving, this is no random gesture. AfroTech previously reported that it isn’t the first time the Australian-born, New Jersey-raised sports star has gone to GoFundMe to lend a helping hand.

Irving has done everything from helping an herbalist maintain her startup to donating funds to support an HBCU student to continue her studies, and more, all via GoFundMe.