Actress Kiersey Clemons will star in a new indie film about the life of New York Stock Exchange trader Lauren Simmons—the youngest woman and the second Black female employee to trade full-time on the floor.

AGC Studios—an indie studio that launched last year—acquired the rights to Simmons’ life story, according to Variety. The 23-year-old Wall Street trader moved to New York after graduating from Kennesaw State University with a degree in genetics and a minor in statistics in 2016.

The equity trader applied to a job opening posted on LinkedIn for a position at Rosenblatt Securities. Her employment was dependent on her passing the Series 19 exam, which she passed with no training or background in the financial industry.

“When I tell people what my job is they are always surprised,” Simmons told CNBC Make It. “It’s surreal.”

Clemons will also assist in producing the film alongside Eddie Galan and Starr Andreeff with Greg Shapiro, Stuart Ford and Glendon Palmer as executive producers.