Throughout his entire life, actor Khleo Thomas has always had a love for gaming. While filming on every set, video games has been Thomas’ escape.

His passion for it led him to fully step into the gaming community after launching his own Twitch channel with over 20,000 followers — which makes his latest partnership seemingly fitting. After previously working with Astro Gaming for almost a year and a half, Thomas has announced a new partnership as he’s now officially become the new face of the brand.

“I’m mostly excited to be able to build with the Astro family and to expand into new territories,” Thomas told AfroTech exclusively. “In my opinion, they’ve made one hell of an imprint as far as in the tech world and communications. But, I think that we can really start focusing our energy into different kinds of content and different avenues as far as new people to bring on board. As well as, introduce new people to their products through that content as well. I think that’s a very important thing. For them to bring me on is truly just an honor.”

Astro Gaming’s mission is to “improve the sport of gaming” and for Thomas, their high quality technology has elevated his streaming and helped him transition from actor to gaming content creator.

“I’ve been in the entertainment business now for 20 plus years,” Thomas shared with us. “As time has gone on I’ve adapted with the times. It was one thing to just be an actor in the early 2000s. Now, it’s okay to be multi-hyphenated. It’s really okay. It wasn’t as acceptable or easy to do in the early 2000s, but now I’m able to adapt with the times, be live on my Twitch channel and treat it like it’s my show.”

Prior to the pandemic, Thomas planned to shoot a pilot for his own late night talk show with hopes of bringing “back that feeling that Arsenio Hall had for his generation.” Thanks to Astro Gaming, the content creator’s dreams didn’t have to be placed on hold.

“I used my Astro A50s to really help curate that feeling of a late night talk show via my Twitch channel,” Thomas explains. “I set up my green screen in my room. I walked around and had a microphone and was able to hear the music clearly, and there was no delay. And, I treated that like my late night talk show. We had karaoke, sing-a-longs, all that great stuff.”

With his Astro Gaming partnership, the multi-hyphenate creative will be able to intertwine his seasoned acting career and growing career as a gaming content creator.

“The fact that I’ve been a gamer my entire life and now [I’m] taking a really, really big step into this world, it truly just feels natural to me,” Thomas says. “And, I can speak the same language as every gamer around the world now and it feels like it’s two worlds colliding because what they may perceive of me coming from this [acting] world, they’re going to immediately realize, ‘Wait, I’m talking to someone just like me. Who understands our love and our passion for everything gaming.’”

Tune into Thomas’ Twitch channel here.