Move over white TikTokers!

According to Insider, Khabane Lame has officially surpassed Addison Rae to become the second-most-followed TikToker in the world.

The 21-year-old is also expected to pass Charli D’Amelio to become the most popular TikToker of all time.

Lame is known for his comic expression and reaction videos to people doing things that don’t really make sense. His videos usually include him staring into the camera before sarcastically proving that there’s a simpler way to do whatever task is at hand.

His latest reaction is to a clip of someone using scissors to open a container of milk. In the video, the Senegalese-Italian creator simply peels a milk carton open before pouring the liquid into a glass while smirking at the camera.

“It’s my face and my facial expressions that make people laugh,” said Lame in an interview with The Times.

@khaby.lameLet’s eat ? But I don’t like seeing you make your life harder. Mangiamo ? ma non mi piace che ti complichi la vita.#learnfromkhaby #LearnWithTikTok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

To him, the facial expressions offer a “global language.”

The 21-year-old first joined the TikTok wave under the profile, “Khaby Lame” after losing his job at a northern Italy factory during the pandemic.

Today, the Italy-based creator has more than 87 million followers and 1.2 billion likes on TikTok at press time.

Lame’s huge success on TikTok isn’t the same as his white counterparts like Rae and D’Amelio who have garnered success based on moves that they don’t even help to create.

Besides turning to high-quality cameras, upbeat music, and finding the perfect lighting, Lame keeps it simple.

Instead of dancing it up, Lame simply sits in front of his camera with no extra lighting, no filters, providing a refreshing breath of authenticity that most influencers miss the bar on.

When he isn’t making TikTok videos, Lame is a passionate soccer fan and has dreams of one day reaching the level of comedy of his biggest inspirations, Eddie Murphy and Will Smith.