Khaby Lame’s social media success has opened the door to him securing a major gaming opportunity.

The TikTok star — who has over 161 million followers on the platform, as of this writing — is among the video game characters in “Fortnite” Chapter 4, Season 4, called “Last Resort,” according to Variety. 


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“I’ve been a big ‘Fortnite’ fan for a long time,” Lame told the outlet. “I started playing five years ago, and sometimes I posted videos on YouTube or tagged Fortnite in stories. I was thrilled about this game.”

He added, “Epic noticed and reached out to me about a year ago and asked if I would be interested in collaborating with them. My reaction was pure excitement. Who doesn’t want to be an action hero in a video game? It sounded so fun!”

Before gamers were able to unlock his Icon Series skin, Lame got involved in the creative process. He was very hands-on in collaborating with Epic Games for the development of his character’s outfits, look, and role.

Lame described the experience of officially seeing his character during release day as “surreal” and said he’s thankful for his fans’ feedback while playing as him in the game.

“I am so blessed, and I just took some time to enjoy the game and the experience,” he shared.

Being featured in Fortnite’s Icon Series puts Lame alongside LeBron James, Naomi Osaka, Bruno Mars, and Anderson .Paak. As previously reported by AFROTECH, in 2022 Osaka became the first female athlete to join the popular video game’s series.

“I’ve been playing ‘Fortnite’ for a long time — when I saw LeBron had joined the Icon Series, it made me want to join the ‘Fortnite’ family too,” Osaka shared at the time. “It’s really amazing to be able to connect with so many people around the world.”