Kevin Garnett Reportedly Approached To Buy Into Timberwolves Ownership
Photo Credit: Randy Holmes

Kevin Garnett Reportedly Approached To Buy Into Timberwolves Ownership

Bernadette Giacomazzo

Bernadette Giacomazzo. Jan 24, 2022.

Kevin Garnett is in talks of buying the Timberwolves once again.

Fadeaway World reports that the NBA superstar was reportedly approached by baseball legend Alex Rodriguez and CEO Marc Lore to purchase fractional ownership into the team. That’s because the duo is reportedly working together to submit a bid to purchase the Minnesota franchise for $100 million.

“KG’s ability to connect with players would be a major reason why they want him as part of the organization, while other plans could be carried out if the 2008 NBA champion decided to join A-Rod and Lore,” reports the outlet.

Rodriguez and Lore will also reportedly build a statue in honor of Kevin Garnett outside of the Target Center if, indeed, he joins in their bid for the purchase of the team, and the bid turns out to be successful.

Kevin Garnett has shown interest in purchasing an NBA team before. In the past, too, he was also part of a bid (that ultimately didn’t succeed) to bring an NBA team to Seattle. And while Garnett’s career was most impactful when he was part of the Boston Celtics, he is also greatly remembered for all the work he did when he was part of the Wolves, too.

Rumors Previously Surfaced About Kevin Garnett And His Interest In 2020

According to the New York Post, Kevin Garnett has been previously approached to buy into Timberwolves ownership in the past. The outlet reports that Garnett was part of a group of investors interested in purchasing the team back in July 2021.