A nine-year-old is making a name for himself after launching his first business venture.

6 ABC Philadelphia reports Keith Williams spent his summers in the world of video games, but that changed after his third-grade year when his Xbox controller broke.

Rather than dwelling around his home in boredom, Williams had a bright idea to start a business instead.

How It All Started

Now, Williams is the founder of Keith’s Summer Lawn Care services.

His father, also named Keith Williams, supported his son by creating flyers and placing them around their neighborhood. News soon spread after someone posted the flyer on Facebook.

“Someone ended up posting that flyer on Facebook and then kind of went viral,” Williams’ father told 6 ABC Philadelphia. “So, I’ve been driving him around every day after 5:30 and on Saturdays and Sundays on all his jobs.”

One of his neighbors, Clare Richey, became inspired by Williams due to his professionalism and seems grateful that the venture has allowed their paths to cross.

“You don’t see this anymore. Like, you know, when we were growing up, we were doing this,” Richey told 6 ABC Philadelphia. “You know, I don’t have children his age. We probably never really would have crossed paths.”

How It Will Support His Dream Of Becoming A Computer Engineer

Williams has already earned more than enough money to purchase a new Xbox controller.

“I didn’t know that I would actually be making my own money for once because I used to stay in the house and play video games,” said Williams.

What’s more, he plans to continue the business to support his aspirations of attending college and becoming a computer engineer. Williams hopes the degree can help him build an app for other entrepreneurs like him that are looking to launch a lawn mower business.

“I want to save money for my college,” Williams told the news outlet while also revealing that MIT was his “top choice.” “I want to be a computer engineer because I want to build an app for people like me who want to start lawn mower businesses.”

Once the seasons change, Williams is considering transitioning to a leaf-blowing or snow-shoveling business to support his college fund.

To book with Keith’s Summer Lawn Care services, you can contact him at 267-282-1446 or keithslawnmowerservice@gmail.com.