Securing a legacy is probably at the forefront of most parents’ minds. If at all possible, parents contend with the idea of what they should do for their children as a way to set them up for success. While the privilege of generational wealth is more accessible for some, ensuring that your child has a quality start is no easy feat.

As controversial as Kanye West can be, one apparent thing is his care and affection for his children.

During an interview on ABC News, West noted that he had confidence in his eldest daughter, North West, and her ability to ensure that no one took over or take advantage of West and Kim Kardashian’s brands in the future.

“I’m saying stuff to her like, ‘Never let anyone take anything from you. Protect your little brothers and sisters. Protect the family. Never let anyone take our company,'” West said during the interview. “I’m literally saying this to her because I realize she’s one of the people in the family that will make sure that no one ever takes our company, no one ever takes what me and Kim have built with both of our brands and the brands that we’re building now.”

According to Insider, West and Kardashian, the mother of his children, manage several brands and businesses between the two of them.

His music, fashion, and other investments landed West on Forbes’ billionaire list. However, much of that wealth is tied to his Yeezy brand of clothing and his partnerships.

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As for his partnerships, AfroTech has been following the businessman and his ongoing issues with Gap and adidas.

In an interview with Bloomberg, he shared that he had his mind set on going solo by cutting ties with big corporate partners.

On Sept. 15, he sent a letter to Gap, which officially declared he was moving forward with terminating their partnership, according to The Wall Street Journal.

As of this writing, he still has his contract with adidas.

Kanye West has an estimated net worth of $2 billion, Forbes reports.

Only time will tell if North West and the rest of Kanye West’s billionaire babies follow in his footsteps.