Kaiser Permanente Names Gregory Adams as New Chairman and CEO
Photo Credit: Modern Healthcare

Kaiser Permanente Names Gregory Adams as New Chairman and CEO

Emily Adeyanju

Emily Adeyanju. Dec 12, 2019.

Kaiser Permanente has appointed Gregory A. Adams as its new chairman and chief executive officer. Adams has a long history with the Oakland, California-based nonprofit, which aims to transform the healthcare of its 12.2 million members.

Adams, whose distinguished career reflects a longstanding commitment to healthcare, previously served as Kaiser Permanente’s executive vice president, where he oversaw health and hospital operations across several regions. He serves on several boards, including the National Association of Health Services Executives, as well as the California Hospital and the American Hospitality associations.

Adams expressed his dedication to Kaiser’s mission and to the path that lies ahead, deeming the appointment “truly an honor to be named Chairman and CEO of this amazing organization.”

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