Despite K. Michelle being a force within the realm of R&B, she has earned her biggest bucks from outside the music business.

During a video interview with The Shade Room, K. Michelle shares an honest conversation she had with herself about juggling her artistry and the industry.

“I had to look at that the other day,” she said. “‘It’s not that you don’t like music, K. You don’t like the industry. You don’t do well with it. You do great in the studio. You do great on stage, but you don’t do great in no other part.'”

The former “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star goes on to mention she doesn’t have ownership as an artist. The majority of her earnings has been cultivated through other avenues including touring.

“I’ve never owned anything. I’ve never got no money from none of my gifts,” she told The Shade Room.

What has proven to be most fruitful to the artist over the years has been her endorsement deal with Jack Daniel’s, which was formed in 2015, according to theJasmineBRAND.

“Listen! Dreams really do come true. I’ve been a Jack Daniel’s drinker for years,” Michelle wrote on Instagram, according to the outlet. “When I got my record deal I told Atlantic Records that I really wanted an endorsement with this company. I stayed focused on battling my demons and becoming a better woman. Out of no where 2 years later I got the call that Jack was interested in me becoming their new brand ambassador.”

Not every deal signed by an artist in the industry will result in success. Fortunately for K. Michelle it did with Jack Daniel’s.

“I like to say, ‘I’m the first Black ever endorsed by Jack Daniel’s.’ I made more money and learned more business from Jack Daniel’s than I made with any music,” she told The Shade Room.