As the world continues to grapple with the effects of the pandemic, this organization is committed to empowering and uplifting Black communities through financial relief and support for those in need. Justin Shaw built Black Money Builder from the ground up as a way to support his community and it ended up being equally beneficial to him as he worked to overcome his own challenges. 

“In August 2019, I was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer and I was devastated by that news,” the Black Money Builder founder shared in an interview with AfroTech. “Going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment, I started to get the bill and quickly realized that the financial burden that the disease was going to be too much for me to handle by myself.”

From there, Shaw’s wife started a crowdfunding campaign that really allowed family and friends to help through generosity. As he continued treatments, Shaw wanted to have the same effect on others as he received.

After his journey, Justin Shaw ran with the opportunity to introduce more people in the Black community to the crowdfunding space.

Making A Difference With Black Money Builder

“Other crowdfunding sites are not Black-owned, nor do they donate back to the Black community,” Shaw told AfroTech. “So, this was a convenient way to create the Black Money Builder platform, which is really important to me.”

Through his platform, Shaw has been able to truly give back to his community. AfroTech spoke with Shaw shortly after he had just celebrated his first successful crowdfunding campaign, which included partnering with barbers in New York City to provide free haircuts to those in need.

“It was completely organic,” he continued. “When our first press release came out, we were actually contacted by one of our partners in New York who works with a great organization by the name of Weebo, that teaches business essentials and fundamentals to kids who want to start businesses in minority neighborhoods.”

The Full Picture

As Black Money Builder continues to grow and expand, they are on a mission to help transform communities.

“The overall vision is for us to be able to help visionaries, creatives and even the ordinary person with a medical bill or an endeavor that they want to take on and conquer,” Shaw concluded. “Ultimately, we want Black Money Builder to create a wave that is going to transform our communities.”

Shaw hopes that someday, the company will continue to convert communities across the globe, not just here in America. 

“It’s about us recognizing that, together, we can create an imprint,” he said. “I want to bring light to that and I want to be a part of the wave that transforms the world for the better.”

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