JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has revealed his thoughts amid the ever-changing landscape of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices.

In a shareholder letter shared via Axios, Dimon reiterated the bank’s commitment to DEI, noting its programs that include resource groups for Black, LGBTQ+, and employees living with disabilities, as well as other initiatives, including a fund geared toward helping entrepreneurs of color, investing efforts in rural communities, and recruiting at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Moreover, Dimon revealed that the $30 billion racial equity commitment made by JPMorgan Chase in the wake of racial unrest and turmoil in 2020 is “nearly completed,” with plans to make the initiative a permanent program.

“We’re thoughtfully continuing our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts,” he wrote.

Dimon also confirmed that the initiatives will adjust as laws continue to evolve around these issues. His statement comes at a time when many CEOs have either gone silent on DEI efforts or have openly criticized the programs.

Big companies like Lululemon, as previously reported by AFROTECH™, have been among those under fire after people in high positions have openly shown disdain for practices aimed at hiring a more diverse staff. Dimon’s letter reveals that JPMorgan Chase will continue to lead the charge, casting its net across more communities to find the best talent, and noting that helping entrepreneurs also brings business to the bank in the future.

“There is nothing wrong with acknowledging and trying to bridge social and economic gaps, whether they be around wealth or health,” Dimon wrote. “We would like to provide a fair chance for everyone to succeed—regardless of their background.”

As the biggest bank in the country, equipped with a huge amount of legal and compliance resources, the support of Dimon for DEI practices could very well set an example for other companies to follow suit.