Joey Bada$$ has announced a free mentorship program for men of color.


According to information provided to AFROTECH, the rapper also known as Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott is building on his philanthropy work with his latest imprint, ImpactMENtorship. The program will offer mentorship from prominent names across industries including Swizz Beats; Colm Dillane, founder of the KidSuper brand; and NBA star Jaylen Brown.

“Due to the high profile of our mentors we anticipate significant demand for the program,” Joey Bada$$ wrote on Instagram. “To increase your chances of matching with your chosen mentor, we strongly encourage all applicants to carefully research the program and mentors, prepare your application in advance and submit early. Good luck!”


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Joey Bada$$ was compelled to move the needle after his experience with a similiar program created by legendary music producer and manager Sophia Chang. He is hoping to duplicate her impact with a focus lens around men of color.

“I have been a mentor for Unlock Her Potential, a program founded by my friend Sophia Chang, that provides free mentorship for women of color,” he said in a statement to AFROTECH. “When I saw the impact we had on our mentees, I knew I wanted to create something similar for men of color who could benefit from the knowledge and experience of industry experts. When I lectured at Harvard and NYU years ago, I was moved by the curiosity and enthusiasm I saw in the students. ImpactMENtorship is proud to offer one-on-one guidance to anyone who qualifies, regardless of education level.”

Apply Today

For those interested, you can apply starting at 12 p.m. EST on Sunday, Oct. 15, through Oct. 29.

A range of industries will be included in the program, including art, culinary, fashion, film and television, media music, and sports.