From rapper to reality television star to renowned hip-hop journalist and cultural critic, the man born Joseph Anthony Budden II has undoubtedly had a storied career. He recently made headlines when he signed a deal to move his eponymous show,  “The Joe Budden Podcast,” from its long-time home on Spotify over a monetary dispute. However, the show, which now streams twice a week on popular platforms like Google Podcasts, iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube, shows no signs of slowing. 

It’s natural to wonder how much Budden may be worth, especially given his split with Spotify is not his first over money. Some may remember his highly publicized split from Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” over a contract dispute. Budden himself shared that his split with Slaughterhouse was not only over creative control but also ownership. Budden minds his pockets these days. So, after all his ups and downs, how much has he been able to amass?

Joe Budden’s Estimated Net Worth

Some sources such as Wealthy Gorilla place Joe Budden’s wealth at around $6 million. He earns his money in several ways, including royalties from his ten studio and collaboration albums and a per-episode fee from his role on “Love and Hip-Hop.” It’s not public how much he has made. Budden also likely makes a substantial paycheck from The Joe Budden Podcast — though how much is hard to estimate. 

Budden also received a share of the proceeds from a live tour of the podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast Tour, and merchandise sales.

Budden also hosts “State of the Culture,” a show on REVOLT TV covering music and culture, and another interview show called “Pull Up,” which can be found on his YouTube channel. Shortly after his Spotify split, Budden announced an independent podcasting network.

Though his career has taken some unexpected twists and turns, Budden’s versatility, charisma, and persistence have helped him earn millions. With multiple revenue streams and a savvy business sense, Budden’s wealth will likely grow considerably over time.