Jayda Cheaves has been on boss moves for years — even before stepping into the limelight.

The entrepreneur has grown a large social media presence, but she cashed in before the millions of followers. In 2018, Cheaves shared with Rolling Out the numbers that rolled in from her online company, AmourJayda Hair, before turning 21-years-old.

“[From] 2016 [to] 2018, I made $2.5 million, and that was just off of hair,” she told the outlet. “That wasn’t my clothing website, other people, nothing. My numbers always change though.”

Along with her hair business, Cheaves ventured into fashion by reselling her clothes on Poshmark. The endeavor transformed into building her popular brand Waydamin.

“My clothes just used to sell out within minutes. So, it was, like, instead of selling clothes on Poshmark, I was, like, I could just start my own brand, so I started my own website. Since then, I just had it in me to be my own boss and to be [an] entrepreneur.”

Now, at 25-years-old, Cheaves is on her grind to elevate her status. In an interview with Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal for REVOLT’s “Assets Over Liabilities,” the millionaire said that she is embarking on becoming a billionaire in the near future, as previously reported by AfroTech.

“I really want a billion dollars,” she shared on where she sees herself in five years. “I just see so many young people doing it. I feel like I could really do it if I stay with this mindset I have now and this path that I’m on. I really see it happening for me because I look up to people like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna — they’re young. They’re not far-fetched from what I’m doing now. Hopefully I can just have what I’m doing now amplified times a thousand in five to ten years from now.”