A surprise to no one, the launch of Jay-Z’s debut cannabis line Monogram was pretty flawless—polished packaging, an alluring rollout, and satisfied customers. To further promote his new foray in the marijuana business, the multi-hyphenate mogul is set to launch “High Tales,” a digital video series featuring Jadakiss, N.O.R.E., 2 Chainz, The-Dream, and more.

The new series will illuminate memorable stories about artists’ experiences with cannabis. From humorous narratives to unexpected, thrilling anecdotes, each personality will illustrate how weed not only brings people together but also aids in the creation of impactful music, art, and creativity.

“Weed breaks the tension in any room,” Jada says in the teaser. “Without no good weed, the song might be garbage. That shows you the power of the cannabis.”

Jada is up first for episode one, where he’ll detail his first time smoking with Snoop Dogg. In addition, future episodes will center on N.O.R.E., 2 Chainz, and The-Dream, but the drop dates are yet to be announced. Just know you’ll get plenty of never-heard-before stories, like N.O.R.E’s unexpected run-in with comedian Dave Chapelle.

Catch episode one of “High Tales” this Friday, Jan. 8 at 11 a.m. on Monogram.


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