Back in 2009, Jason Derulo made his official debut with his single, “Whatcha Say.” The successful track opened up the door for him to build what is now a 14-year music career.

While the singer has built a name for himself, he’s also been tapping into business mode over the years. In an interview with “Forbes Talks,” Derulo spoke about his self-help book, “Sing Your Name Out Loud: 15 Rules For Living Your Dream.” He credits those 15 rules for helping his ventures as a businessman take off. 

“I’ve had a lot of failed businesses but I’ve had businesses thrive,” Derulo shared in the interview. “And the businesses that end up thriving mitigate all the failures.”

Among the 33-year-old’s 13 sources of income, he says that his most lucrative is Rocket Carwash.

“Rocket Carwash is basically changing the way that people get their cars washed,” he explained. “It’s an amazing facility. You go in and you pay a membership and you can get your car washed at any time. It’s like the Spotify model and how Spotify changed the music industry. It’s like Netflix and how it changed the film industry.”

He added, “If I can get my car washed at any time for a low price, it beats any other car wash out there, especially it being better than the other ones as well.” 

According to Rocket Carwash’s website, it uses high-quality technology, equipment, and products and has locations in Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, California, and Florida.

Derulo confirmed to Forbes that the company is valued at $2 billion.

Derulo is continuously diversifying his investment portfolio. As previously reported by AfroTech, earlier this year, he bought a stake in a new Omaha, NE, women’s volleyball team. His other investments have included Rumble Boxing, Catch LA, and the U.K.’s “Project Icon,” per BBC. 

“Usually I’d describe myself as an entertainer, but I feel like that has changed,” he shared on the BBC’s podcast “Business Daily.” “I don’t think I could only say entertainer anymore. It’s business nowadays.”

Derulo also explained to the outlet that he invests in businesses that he’s familiar with.