In 2017, Jason Derulo gave an interview where he promised to own 100 businesses by the end of the following year.

“It’s a goal that I believe is achievable,” Derulo told The Daily Mail, at the time. “I have always wanted to diversify and the whole thing is about having this brand and platform but what do you do with this platform? Do you stay or do you continue to spread? I choose to use my money on not just things I like but things that can be useful in the future.”

Later that same year, he told The Street that he doesn’t invest in anything he’s unfamiliar with. Therefore, at the time, that meant he didn’t invest in cryptocurrency or Wall Street (He did, however, say that he had “his eye” on the latter).

While he hasn’t quite earned the 100 separate businesses goal, he’s done a great job of diversifying his investments. Jason Derulo, who got his start writing songs for other artists, has been so smart with his money that he’s netted himself an estimated $16 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. What’s more, his investments aren’t just in music, either — even though his impressive music catalog is worth a tidy sum.

From TikTok to Rumble Gyms, let’s take a look at how Jason Derulo has made smart money moves.

LVL XIII Clothing

Photo Credit: Rob Kim

Back in 2017, Jason Derulo told People that he’d invested in LVL XIII (pronounced “Level 13”) Clothing, which was founded by Antonio Brown in 2013. Derulo told the outlet that his investment into the line was all about building himself, as a brand.

“Through everything that I’ve been doing, it’s about building Jason Derulo the brand,” he said to the outlet. “It’s not like I’m not going to be a singer, of course – that’s my passion. But this is just another one of my passions. I love creating this stuff.”

Rumble Gyms

Photo Credit: Caroline Cunningham Kevin Mazur

In 2017, Jason Derulo told Men’s Health Magazine that he’d invested in a series of Rumble Gyms across the United States. Sylvester Stallone and Ashton Kutcher are also investors in the gyms.

“Credit for his fit physique is partially due to hopping in the ring, but also from being resourceful with his workouts when he can’t find a boxing gym,” reported the outlet.

Bedlam Vodka

Courtesy of Get Engaged Media

In January 2021, it was announced that Jason Derulo would join the management team of Bedlam Vodka. Specifically, he was recruited by Bedlam’s distillery, Graybeard, to help with the branding of the up-and-coming spirit.

“Teaming up with the executives of such an amazing brand and being able to be an integral part of the marketing team was a no-brainer for me,” said Derulo in a statement to The Spirits Business. “It’s truly a unique vodka and the smoothest I’ve ever had. I want to help introduce people all over the country to Bedlam so they’re able to cheers with me.”

TikTok Career Renaissance

Photo Credit: Jason Derulo TikTok

In April 2021, Newsweek revealed that Jason Derulo’s TikTok account was the tenth most-followed account on the platform.

“He also managed to parlay TikTok fame into chart success, as his hit ‘Savage Love’ and its dance were born on the app after he built a song around Jawsh 685’s ‘Laxed (Siren Beat),'” reported the outlet.

Real Estate

Photo Credit: / Danielle Venturelli

Jason Derulo has also invested in various real estate properties through the years. reports that back in 2016, Derulo unloaded his Coconut Creek, FL, mansion for just under $2 million. The 11,000-plus-square-foot mansion sold for $1 million less than its original listing price, but Derulo originally purchased the property for $1.75 million. So, he did turn a small profit on the sale.

In 2014, Derulo purchased a home in Tarzana, CA. He paid $3 million for the “castle,” according to