Janelle Monáe has taken her passion for “giving back” to the next level.

The award-winning singer, songwriter, and fashion-forward modern icon has just announced that her “Fem The Future” effort has partnered with Microsoft Bing, which will support donations to the organization designed to create opportunities for young women and girls in music, arts, and education.

In a press release, Janelle Monáe confirmed donations to Fem The Future will come through The Social Justice Learning Institute, which is being billed as the “fiscal sponsor” of Fem The Future.

Fem The Future aims to provide young women and girls with the resources and support they need to overcome the challenges associated with growing up in under-resourced communities of color. In order to create opportunities, especially for women and girls in underserved communities, Fem The Future supports and creates after-school and summer enrichment activities that increase exposure and access to a variety of careers.

Staying in line with Janelle Monáe’s passions, Fem The Future also provides grant opportunities to organizations that are providing access to arts, music, and leadership development-centric pedagogies to help uphold the important work they are already doing.

Donating through Give with Bing is simple, you sign up for an account, then go to www.bing.com/janellemonae to start donating.