Jamal Hinton first made headlines after the wrong text led him to an annual Thanksgiving dinner with a family he had never met before in 2016. Now, six years later he is making the news for launching his very own business.

In an announcement on Twitter, Hinton shared the opening of Wrap-A-Lot, a Black-owned vinyl wrap, paint, and print shop in Tempe, AZ.

“Let me introduce myself my name is Jamal Hinton aka CEO of newly opened Wrap-a-lot where we wrap, paint and tint cars,” said Hinton in the tweet. “I would love to welcome anyone and everyone to stop by our shop in Tempe, AZ and show the world what Wrap-A-Lot has to offer!”


The business will also offer detail packages as well as window tinting and an added element through Wrap-A-Lot GFX, which is a “cost-effective” and “high-quality” solution to all that a person needs to transform their vehicles.

“We make it our business to eat, sleep and breath wraps. We take pride in showcasing each and every installation we do, and take massive steps to keep ourselves educated on changes in the industry,” read the company’s website.

Family Ties

What’s more, one particular detail that fans noticed from the company’s billboard shared on Twitter by Hinton was the now-viral image of him alongside the Dench family, who made him their adopted grandson following the previous Thanksgiving mix-up.

The image includes Hinton, his girlfriend, and Wanda Dench alongside her husband Lonnie, who passed away in 2020 following complications from COVID-19.

The text was sent to Hinton when he was 17-years-old and was originally meant for Dench’s 24-year-old grandson. At age 23, the friendship continues. Plus, it gets better. He even hinted at a partnership with Netflix in 2021 to retell the story.

Check out the tweet below.