Jalen Hurts is helping to tackle an issue that greatly affects the majority of schools in Philadelphia, PA.

According to ABC News, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback donated $200,000 to provide air conditioner units to Philadelphia schools. The donation is set to cover rewiring and changing the infrastructure of the buildings — alleviating overheated classrooms during warm seasons.

“I think back to my time as a student not being able to imagine some of the things that you guys have to go through,” Hurts expressed at a school in Philadelphia, per ABC News. “I just want to serve you guys and help in any way I can.”

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, 41% of schools in the U.S. schools need HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) upgrades, which equates to 36,000 public schools. Combatting the alarming statistics specifically in Philadelphia, Hurts’ $200,000 donation will bring 300 AC units to 10 schools, which will support over 5,000 students along with teachers.

“More than half of our schools lack appropriate air conditioning such that when the temperature climbs higher than 86 to 90 degrees, we too often have to let our kids go home early,” Superintendent Dr. Tony B. Watlington Sr. said. “And that really impacts student achievement.”

In 2023, WHYY reported that the School District of Philadelphia closed 86 schools early due to the excessive heat in classrooms. In addition to the AC units helping to decrease the number of early dismissals, Watlington Sr. says that the new AC units will increase the likelihood that teachers will return to teaching at the schools due to the change in working conditions.

While the process of installing the AC units has started, the district’s project is set to be completed before the 2024-2025 academic year.

“The School District of Philadelphia, we’re focused on becoming the fastest improving large urban school district in the country,” Watlington Sr. said. “And in order to do that, our kids have to be in school.”