Jaden Hunter had a stellar finish, graduating with a 4.5 GPA from Crenshaw Arts Tech Charter High.

Now, Hunter will be on his way to study mechanical engineering at Berkeley. He plans to work for NASA or SpaceX when he completes his higher education.

“I felt good because my hard work paid off. All the long sleepless nights I took in, stuff like that, it finally paid off,” Hunter told ABC7.

Gates Millennium Scholar

Hunter has, even more, to be proud of as a Gates Millennium Scholars recipient. In addition, Hunter received acceptance from 39 schools and scholarship offers totaling $3.5 million.

“I got all these letters. Free ride here, full ride here, full ride here and all that type of stuff. I got accepted into my childhood dream school, USC. I didn’t go, it’s too close to home, but I still got accepted there. I accomplished that,” Hunter said, according to ABC7.

Student Turned Entrepreneur

As Hunter gears up to begin his new chapter at Berkeley this week, he will be all about securing his academic and business bag, too!

Hunter is also the founder of the clothing brand The Legit Way. He hopes his business moves will inspire the next generation.

“My whole motto is to show the youth that it’s OK to do stuff good, the correct way, the legit way. You don’t have to be in the streets to help your family out. Look at me. I’m going to college and I’m going to help my family out,” Hunter told ABC7.


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Hunter also hopes to be a beacon of change for his community and teach them financial literacy.

“In my community, just all low income communities, we don’t know what it is to build credit, how to buy a home, how to obtain a loan from the bank, anything in that sort. So I just want to teach the community that and empower my community, elevate them, help us get further than where we were,” Jaden told ABC7.