The end of iTunes could be near as rumors that Apple is getting rid of the popular music platform continue to loom. Bloomberg recently reported that the tech giant will announce its plans to nix the 16 year- old music platform at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Now things are looking like a bad break up as the iTunes Facebook and Instagram pages have had all of their content and images removed. All posts, images and videos have been migrated over to the Apple TV’s Facebook and Instagram pages, according to Mac Rumors.

If Apple does decide to completely get rid of iTunes, it highlights a shift in focus to Apple TV Plus, the company’s upcoming video streaming service. Earlier this year, Apple announced a multi-year deal with Oprah Winfrey to create a lineup of original content. Prince Harry will also join Oprah and the company in creating a docuseries on mental health, as part of his previous work in the royal family’s Heads Together campaign.

Apple is also set to address some other big changes at its World Wide Developers Conference. According to Bloomberg, the company will highlight its work in augmented and virtual reality tools, core app updates and improved iPad functions as a replacement for PCs.

The move to scrap ITunes highlights a bigger issue happening in tech: In the age of everything being streamed on our devices or saved digitally, how should people go about backing up things — music, books, movies —  they’ve paid for and have been collecting over the years. ITunes launched in 2003 and people have been using it to save and store music for over a decade. Deleting the popular app could mean trouble for people who don’t use Apple Music and the company still hasn’t said how it plans to accommodate legacy users of  the product.