InterApp has successfully raised over a million dollars in its pre-seed funding round.

It has just raised $1.2 million to fulfill its mission to make augmented reality (AR) a necessary tool for consumers.

“This funding round will empower InterApp to scale up and 10x its marketing reach, exposure and distribute high fidelity content that communicates InterApp’s proposition value,” InterApp CEO and co-founder Will Brown exclusively told AfroTech.

Over the past three years, the company has been on the rise thanks to strategic partnerships with brands like Rap Snacks and SXSW.

What’s more, currently, it’s been aiming to lead the charge when it comes to AR brand adoption for consumer engagement.

Paving the Way

“Black brands have some of the most innovative, genius and dopest products in the world, but most times under represented,” Brown continued. “This round of funding will enable us to partner with some of these brands and leverage our resources and momentum to promote and bring these brands to the forefront showcasing the utilization of InterApp.”

In an all equity round led by WP Capital Group, the Sacramento-based company was able to land the funds needed to thrive and work toward their early marketing efforts. However, Brown understands that the road to capital as a Black founder is no easy feat.

Raising Funds

“Capital is hard to raise as a startup just due to various factors, but as a Black founder these factors seem to be more compounded for no apparent reason other than being Black,” he shared.

For startups looking to achieve the same success as the ever-evolving platform, the advice from Brown is simple.

“No matter how long it takes, focus on your business as though the funding is in place, which means continue to develop and improve your product, build out and optimize your channels and keep your team focused on the tasks at hand. So, when funding falls into place you don’t skip a beat,” he shared.