The kids will forever be alright, especially with a drive like this!

Imunique Triplett hasn’t even graduated high school yet, but she is making boss moves with a college degree under her belt — so, the possibilities are endless.

According to The Black Detour, the 17-year-old is one of the first students to complete the process of obtaining her nursing degree, thanks to the M-Cubed College Connections program.

M-Cubed College Connections Program

Thanks to the M-Cubed College Connections program, students like Triplett are able to complete high school requirements and earn college credits to go toward their university experience at no additional cost.

Per reports from Milwaukee Public Schools’ post-secondary engagement coordinator, James Sokolowski, Black and brown students are currently taking advantage of the M-Cubed program, which offers several options that include education and general studies tracks. 

The nursing program that Triplett just completed generally garners in 150 applicants, however, only 36 students are selected.

According to a study, around 82 percent of Milwaukee public school students are considered economically disadvantaged. Out of 77,700 students in the MPS, 54 percent are Black, 27 percent are Hispanic, 11 percent are white, and seven percent are Asian.

A Healthy Balance

Upon learning that she would be a part of the program, Triplett had reservations about heading into the medical field. 

“I was actually kind of anti-health care because I was so scared of body fluids and blood and things like that, so I kind of made my own assumptions about the health care field based on what I saw on TV and everything,” said Triplett, according to Atlanta Black Star.

Eventually, her sentiments changed and Triplett’s mother, Bonnie Campbell couldn’t be more proud of her daughter.

“She wasn’t into meds and stuff like that, so I was like, are you sure, because we’ve got to be the ones running you back and forth, so make sure this is what you want to do, and she really surprised me,” Campbell shared with the outlet.

Now that it’s all said and done, Triplett was able to successfully juggle three to four college classes on top of her current high school curriculum. Now, she’s one degree hotter just before entering the real world!