Today, Hulu and Spotify announced an expansion of their partnership, where they’ll be offering bundles at a rate that’s hard to ignore.

Now, existing Hulu users can sign up for Spotify Premium and get the service free for 30 days. After the trial period, Spotify Premium subscribers basically get Hulu for free when it’s bundled with the music streaming site’s $9.99 charge.

This is not Hulu and Spotify’s first time teaming up. The companies used to offer promotions and discounted prices to students and later expanded the package to include ShowTime streaming.

The partnership comes after hints of a brewing rivalry between Netflix and Apple. Later this month, Apple is set to host an undisclosed event. Rumors say the event relates to Apple launching its own streaming service to compete with Netflix. After its release, its also possible that Apple will choose to bundle its video service with Apple Music.

Traditional music streaming services now how a target on Netflix’s back. The Hulu-Spotify partnership only emphasizes heightened competition in the streaming space.

The newest bundle, which is open to both new and existing subscribers, will be offered until June.