‘Touching Masterpieces’ is an incredible VR experience that allows the blind and visually impaired to experience some of the world’s greatest art through a pair of gloves.

Art has been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean it has been accessible. Many take for granted the ability to view sculptures, paintings and photographs. But for the visually impaired or blind, that hasn’t been an option.

Previously, without visuals, there was only opportunity to experience art through audio descriptions. Now there’s finally an answer for the millions of people who haven’t been able to see sculptured masterpieces.

NeuroDigital has been working in the VR space to replicate some of the world’s most highly regarded sculptures. They set out to make 3D models of art including The Head of Nefertiti by Thutmose, Venus de Milo by Alexandros of Antioch and even David by Michelangelo.  Through laser scans of the originals, they were able to replicate the masterpieces. Users can then put on haptic feedback gloves in order to “see” these works of art.

Great detail was involved in bringing the experience to life. The scans detected intricacies in order to provide the most realistic feel for each and every detail of the sculptures. And the gloves react differently to the different textures and shapes that are represented in the art itself. The users can control whether they want to feel with their fingertips, palms or hand, making it a truly immersive experience.

With technology like this, Art and culture can be more accessible for everyone.