How Kanye West Built His Billion-Dollar Net Worth
Photo Credit: Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

How Kanye West Built His Billion-Dollar Net Worth

Earlier this year, Forbes reported that music mogul Kanye West was officially a billionaire. This news comes after his very long and public financial troubles. In 2016, West tweeted that he was $50 million in debt. This debt was accrued from the cost of tours, business ventures, and the cost to maintain the lifestyle he and his wife Kim Kardashian West created for themselves. 

Now, with his sole ownership in Yeezy, West is reportedly valued at $1.3 billion,  according to Business Insider

Despite his ten-year veteran status in the music industry as a reputable producer and rapper, Forbes attributes little of his climb out of debt to music sales. However, most of his revenue comes from Yeezy where West is the sole owner.

Business Insider estimates that West has a $1.26 billion stake in his Yeezy brand, $17 million in cash, $35 million in stocks, $21 million in real estate, almost $4 million worth of vehicles, and over $200,000 of livestock to make up his net worth.

West built an apparel empire and bought himself out of major debt in just four years. 

Now it seems as though he has set his sight on generating more wealth in the music industry. According to NME, West’s label, GOOD Music, and the rights to his discography were valued at at least $90 million.