Culture Shift Labs, a consulting firm that helps find diverse talent for companies,  is hosting an invitation-only summit in New York City for black and Latino-led venture capital firms to find funding. The three-day event begins on November 1 and includes panel discussions, workshops and other networking opportunities.

Culture Shifting Weekends, bi-coastal conferences in Silicon Valley and New York City, shines a light on black and Latino founders and VCs.

Each location offers a different format — Silicon Valley’s April events focus on black tech, social impact and innovation leaders, while New York City’s November events foster relationships and deals between black and Latino executives, entrepreneurs and investors.

Culture Shifting Weekend in New York City will feature over 20 VC founders and gives them direct access to institutional investors, social impact investors and corporate VCs. Investors attending the conference include Toyota AI Venture, Ford Foundation and IBM Ventures.

Invitations for the event are thoroughly vetted by Culture Shift Labs’ VC task force. Andrea Hoffman, founder and CEO of Culture Shift Labs, said the task force looks for individuals who “walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”

Hoffman said that Culture Shifting Weekend and similar events are “critical to closing the wealth gap.”

She said that there are more than 120 Black and Latino VC firms looking for new partners, but lack of awareness of this community limits their opportunities and access to funds.

Hoffman hopes wants investors, VC firms and entrepreneurs attending Culture Shifting Weekend to “be able to activate on their intentions,” whether that is = finding funding, partnerships or networking.