Trends come and go, but some things enter the universe and have a lasting impact. Cryptocurrency — or crypto — has that long-term effect. For a little over a decade, people have been diversifying how they use money with the availability of crypto. Digital money is part of a new wave of navigating the world, and everyone can tap into its benefits. Coinbase is a leader in the industry, helping customers navigate how to use crypto to build wealth and diversify spending.

Recently, AfroTech sat with Trey Edwards and Darin Carter of Coinbase to talk about how crypto can help people professionally, financially and personally. 


Trust Is at the Center

As the Manager of People Advocacy at Coinbase, Trey Edwards leads a team responsible for building the future of Coinbase’s retail products. This work includes partnering to create new products and features for customers with world-class support. This critical work helps identify inefficiencies that could affect customer experiences. To continue to build reliable products, trust must be a standard when dealing with people’s money.

“We know that when people need help with their account, they need it immediately and any time, day or night. We’re working to create the best customer service in finance,” Edwards explains.

Darin Carter has a similar focus on trust and reliability at Coinbase as the Program Manager for Coinbase Giving. Carter helps provide inclusive crypto education, drives crypto-first philanthropy and supports the broader community in this recently announced role. This passion for community trust and investment reflects Carter’s personal experience in learning about cryptocurrency. 

“I wasn’t even aware of crypto before moving to the Bay Area in 2016, and now I couldn’t imagine my life/career without it,” Carter says.


Innovation Drives the Difference

There are several similarities between the crypto market and traditional finance and tech, but the consistent advancements in technology make crypto stand out. Coinbase is committed to the speed of innovation that surrounds the crypto market and breaks away from more traditional industries’ monotonous tactics. Crypto has a focus on how things should be while forging the future of finance.

“This industry could have a significant impact on what financial inclusion and economic freedom looks like for years to come. It’s rare to be working on projects that can literally have such a large geopolitical impact. Feels like the opportunity of a generation,” Carter points out.

The generational impact, Carter explains, is ingrained in his work with the launch of the Cryptocurrency Innovation Challenge, being held in partnership with Base11 at its 2021 Next Frontier Conference and Expo. This challenge is designed to encourage innovators worldwide to share their vision for how blockchain can revolutionize areas like health care, financial inclusion and education. With no need for prior experience in the industry, challenges like these help to close the access gap. Coinbase accepts any valid entry for the program, so submit them soon if you have an idea.


Talk It and Walk It

It’s clear that crypto has many advances for the professional world, but it also has personal and local community value. Through its educational tools, Coinbase is committed to ensuring that people have the information necessary to be educated investors and stewards of their funds.

“Working at Coinbase has taught me a lot about financial education and the importance of having an open mind. We get exposed early to many novel financial concepts, and it has pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone to learn more,” says Edwards.

Implementing the learning tools equips users to be able to use digital money every day in any place. 

“When I was in South Africa, I had purchased a painting which was too large for my luggage, so I had my friend ship it to me in the United States. I realized I needed to pay him back, and the most feasible solution was actually to transfer ETH to his wallet. Otherwise, the payment would have been expensive and slow,” Carter explains.

Lessons like these are the type of real examples people look for when deciding whether they want to jump on board with using crypto to its full capacity. Carter and Edwards’ personal anecdotes share the power and feasibility of cryptocurrency. Whether that’s by dispelling the cries of critics via Twitter or advocating as an official ambassador, these men are committed to ensuring people don’t miss this financial wave.


Turn My Mic Up

Crypto has a lofty goal of re-inventing finance. A part of that is making the Black community aware of the technology and ensuring community members have a seat at the table. This is the exact perspective Carter and Edwards are bringing to their session at AfroTech’s conference. Because digital currency has been around for some time now, many people know about bitcoin and some of the crypto basics. That’s why this year’s focus is on the impact crypto can have on a person’s life. The two are planning a session that will go deeper than the basics and show how someone can interact with DeFi, NFTs and so much more. You can get all this information and more by signing up for their session at AfroTech.

Some people may still be trying to catch the wave, and Edwards and Carter are intentional about making sure no one’s left behind. The use of crypto can be limitless. Edwards used it to buy his wedding ring, his puppy and finance his master’s degree. Carter is consistently seeing its impact on a potential investor’s confidence and overall way of life. Whatever space you find yourself in when considering digital currency, people like Edwards and Carter at Coinbase are making sure you have support. Don’t believe them? Just watch.

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This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Coinbase.