Black people in the field of tech have been way more integral than most may think. In fact, computer scientist Lisa Gelobter is one of the many modern Black tech innovators that pioneered a lot of the internet technology we use today.

Lisa Gelobter — who is the current CEO and co-founder of tech-enabled platform tEQuitable — has over 25 years of experience in the tech industry. She’s the mastermind that cultivated the ascent of online video as well the brains behind software used in beloved consumer products such as Hulu and Shockwave — the 1995 essential technology that led to the development of interactive multimedia, web animation, and video games, according to her company’s website.

Without Gelobter’s contribution to Shockwave, streaming and other digital privileges may not have existed.

Additionally, she’s also the computer scientist who developed the animation used to create GIFs — a forever game-changer to social media apps that have integrated the multimedia practice into their platforms and people who utilize the invention in their everyday communication.

Gelobter’s years of prowess in the industry has given her the opportunity to explore different avenues and build up her repertoire — from small startups to larger, established organizations.

She previously offered her talents to various companies including BET Digital as its chief digital officer and Hulu as a member of the senior management team that helped launch the streaming platform.

Most recently, she served as the chief digital service officer for the Department of Education at the White House during the Obama administration, theGrio reports.

Her background is rooted in several areas of expertise including strategy development, business operations, user-centered design, product management, and engineering.

As an agent of STEM, the 50-year-old tech entrepreneur has used her expertise to span across several different industries, proving that tech is not just limited to science.

Her most recent project to date and her life’s work is centered around her company tEQuitable, which has merged the use of technology to directly address issues of bias, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace.

According to Gelobter, her company is helping to empower employees and employers to reduce subtle issues and prevent harassment from occurring or escalating to the point of no return.

“We’re giving companies data that they have never had exposure to and we’re giving employees their agency back,” she told theGrio. “Research shows that if you put interventions into place with some of the more subtle issues, you can prevent them from ever escalating. We’re the only platform trying to get in front of and prevent harassment as opposed to catching it on the backend.”

Gelobter came up with the brilliant idea because she wanted to “figure out how to continue to use technology for good and really be transformative.”

The goal for tEQuitable was to offer an efficient solution that could be useful to improving our society.

Gelobter’s accomplishments as a technologist has earned her the title of being one of our generation’s greatest tech innovators, and most of all, a vital part of Black history.

Though faced with the many challenges that come with being a Black woman in tech, Gelobter used her skills to create her own seat at the table and her work today is paying that notion forward to others.

She was named one of Inc’s Top 100 Female Founders back in 2019 and continues to bring forth a transformative approach to the tech, media, and social sectors as it pertains to consumer needs.