Dominican University of California and Make School, a coding boot camp based in San Francisco, are teaming up to give students a more well-rounded education.

In an effort to increase enrollment, liberal arts school Dominican University is offering computer science courses taught by Make School professors and Make School is offering general education courses taught by Dominican Univerisity professors.

The partnership is working to stifle enrollment declines in coding programs, as well. Low enrollment in coding bootcamps has caused some companies to close or target corporations as training programs.

Dominican University plans to offer a computer science minor within five years; however, creating curricula and finding professors will be expensive and time-consuming. The partnership with Make School gives students the chance to learn coding skills, while providing Dominican University the framework for creating a computer science minor.

Make School currently offers a two-year bachelor’s degree in applied computer science. Students can pay tuition as they go or opt to pay a percentage of their gross salary after graduation. The program received funding from Emerson Collective, a social change organization, and Y Combinator, a tech startup incubator based in Mountain View, Ca.

Make School is also paying Dominican University to help the coding program navigate federal and local academic regulations.

Other universities like Queens College and Northeastern University have partnered with coding boot camps; however, students receive professional certifications instead of degrees.