The hostile environment around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has people asking, “Are NFTs here to stay? Should we keep coming back to learn more?”

Well, we will answer a question with a question. In the words of viral sensation Constance Landry, “Is a elephant heavy? I’m coming back, baby.”

AfroTech is here for the foreseeable future with your weekly NFT roundup, and we are back with a new batch of digital assets we’ve been watching.

Get Rich Or Die Trying

Cameroonian artist Show Yoh went viral on social media after showing off what he considered a worthy tribute to rapper 50 Cent — his idol. Show Yoh decided to show his love to the New York native by getting a tattoo of him across his back. However, the rest of the world didn’t have the same appreciation for the ink as he did.

Admittedly, the tattoo displayed amateur-level quality and eventually caught the attention of 50 Cent himself. Curtis Jackson shared the photo with a question and a request, “WTF, you go do boy? I need the Best portrait Tattoo artist to fix this. @showyoh237, who did this sh*t, man?”

Show Yoh took it in stride and decided to turn his misery into financial gain. Shortly after the tattoo went viral, he announced that he would be turning the original photo of his tattoo into an NFT.

“My Father and Mentor @50CENT said, ‘he needs the best portrait tattoo artist to fix my tattoo.’ I am ready to fix it to honor him,” Show Yoh explained. “That said, I have decided to sell the original photo of the tattoo of my idol on my back as an NFT. I have listed the photo on @withfoundation as “Father and Son Tattoo” (FADANSON) with the link in my bio. It would be an honour if my idol and mentor @50CENT places the first bid on the photo. Together we can do this. Please share and tag my Father @50CENT.”

Madden NFL Gets A Little Competition

According to ESPN, the National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Players Association announced they collaborated with game studio Mythical Games to release an NFT-based video game, NFL Rivals.

Scheduled to launch in 2023, NFL fans will have access to purchase 32 limited-quantity collections of 3D NFL-themed NFTs before the official game release. The video game will allow users to compete against each other by acting as general managers of a team, similar to fantasy football competitions.

“The interest in NFTs and video gaming amongst current and prospective fans continues to grow, and combined have accelerated the NFL’s exploration of new gaming models that can deliver an unmatched experience to fans,” explained Joe Ruggiero, the senior vice president of consumer products at the NFL.

Video game users will not only be able to own the NFTs, but have the opportunity to access exclusive events, rewards, and other in-game features.

The Magic Touch

Legendary Los Angeles Laker Ervin “Magic” Johnson is in the NFT community with “The Anthology: Magic Johnson” NFT collection on NBA Top Shot.

“I’m really excited to partner with @nbatopshot to release my first NFTs and bring some of my favorite moments from my career to fans everywhere,” Johnson expressed via Twitter.

According to NBA Top Shot’s website, Magic’s NFT collection will include 1,600 NFT packs featuring highlighted moments from his career. Scheduled to drop on June 7, the NFTs will cost $399 per pack.

Of the available packs open to consumers, 1,200 of the packs will be airdropped to buyers with a Top Shot score of at least 150,000. The remaining 400 packs will be available to interested parties regardless of their Top Shot scores.

West Coast Meets Southeast

Snoop Dogg’s latest investment and business move proves that the legendary rapper is about his business. A recent part of his business portfolio will include his latest NFT music drop, “Death Row Sessions: Vol. 2.”

Originally released on April 20, Snoop collaborated with Charleston rapper and producer Dave Curry. Curry is the producer behind “Amethyst” — a collection of songs that include over 40 South Carolina rappers making 1 percent of NFT sales. Today, that sale equates to about $3,000.

The Snoop and Curry collaboration will also include musical artists Iman Europe, Heno, and MoRuf, who are all in the crypto world. 1,000 NFTs will be sold for 100 ETH.