Hinge is here to save your love life just in time for Valentine’s Day.

According to a press release, the dating app will partner with singer and songwriter Soko to distribute $100 to parents for child care needs. The financial relief is timely, as the dating scene can be difficult to navigate with children in the mix. In fact, Hinge collected data revealing 63 percent of singles with children – and 73 percent of LGBTQ+ parents find it difficult to make time for their love life. The financial nudge aims to remind parents to prioritize their needs and get out into the dating world.

“Sometimes, I get lost in that world where I’m ‘just’ being a mom non-stop. I forget my core essence and can’t even imagine going on a date or having a romantic life. That’s why it’s important for us to just put ourselves out there. To try to find love beyond parenthood. Even if you’re not in a place to do it right now, just reminding yourself you deserve is important,” Soko said in the press release.


The Valentine’s Day Campaign begins today, Friday, February 4 at 12 pm ET. To qualify parents must select “Have Children” in their profile. Once complete, they will be notified within the Hinge application to participate in the campaign. After, the user must comment on an individual’s profile that same day to hopefully spark a connection. Once complete Hinge will send $100 to the parent within an email.

Hinge's Campaign Targets Top U.S Cities For Singles

Hinge’s latest campaign targets the top U.S cities for singles and LGBTQ+ singles with children in 2022. More data revealed 53 percent of singles with children struggled to connect with someone who was already a parent and 63 percent of LGBTQ+ parents faced similar struggles. San Diego was one of the highest-ranked cities citing difficulty dating terrains for single parents, and Portland ranked highest for the LGBTQ+ community.

“To identify the top cities for singles with children, we looked at two key factors — where our parents have the most meaningful conversations and where they go on great dates,” said Logan Ury, Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science, according to a press release. “San Diego turned out to be the best city for parents looking for love. And if you’re an LGBTQ+ parent in Portland, we have good news — you’re in the right city to find your person.”

If you are ready to get the ball rolling in your love life, look no further: Hinge has you covered.