The #broomchallenge has gone viral resulting from a 2012 myth which states that NASA allegedly said Monday was the only day you could make your broom stand upright all by itself. The world took to social media to try out the “trick” and people have been amazed with the results. So, what exactly allows your broom to stand on its own? Is it the gravitational pull, energy and frequencies emitted from your good vibes, or are all brooms magical instruments of balance that we’re just discovering?

Although there hasn’t been any official word from NASA’s Twitter on the #broomchallenge, many claim it’s a hoax and there are no mystical gravitational powers behind the “trick.” Instead CNN reports that a broom has a low center of gravity which allows its weight to rest over the bristles and  stand on its own. Whatever the explanation is behind the challenge, it’s still seems to be blowing almost everyone’s minds.

See for yourself below: