Do you have a friend or family member with a signature style, an often used saying, or a dish that’s requested for every holiday meal? Just reading that question likely brought back fond memories of that person. Memories you’ll forever associate with them because their style, catch phrase, or grandma’s signature mac & cheese recipe has become part of their personal brand.

In marketing, the job is to build a similar feeling between people and our brand. People should have an affinity for products and services and for their experiences doing business with specific organizations. But building a brand people know and trust isn’t easy. As the world accelerated into a more digital space, people have grown weary of being marketed at, with random social media ads that aren’t relevant or meaningful to them. They also won’t tolerate disconnected experiences or those that don’t feel authentic.

Marketers need to turn marketing upside down. Instead of marketing to and at people, brands should be marketing with and for people. It requires a paradigm shift, where brands move away from “trying to find people” to marketing in a way that helps people find their brands.

Brands that build affinity – and grow as a result – are the ones that create marketing for people on their terms, with experiences that are familiar and can be trusted. When people find those brands, they stick with them. The relationship grows; value grows; the brand grows.

IPG companies Kinesso, Acxiom and Matterkind have come together to create the IPG Marketing Intelligence Engine (MIE), the solution for helping people find their brands. MIE is a complete, connected platform for conscious marketing – the kind of marketing that puts people first. Through connected data and technology, MIE enables a higher standard of data-driven marketing. It delivers greater understanding of your customers, allowing you to engage with people on their terms. And MIE enables marketing that is ethical, respectful and conscious through strong data governance, bias mitigation and the ability to put real spend behind underrepresented communities.

MIE gives marketers incredibly accurate and actionable customer understanding. It delivers the widest and deepest data, unrivaled identity capabilities and the data science and analytics expertise to create insights. MIE provides insights that can improve every moment of the commerce journey experience. From the marketing experience aspects of the creative you use for ads to the places you activate your messages in the market, all aspects improve the commerce and the customer experience.

Kinesso is the architect of the MIE platform and enables connected intelligence through integrated technology. Acxiom’s customer intelligence gives MIE the power to help brands understand people to deliver experiences that matter most to their audiences. And Matterkind’s activation intelligence ensures the brand can engage with people respectfully, and across all channels.

By marketing in a way that allows people to find your brand, you’ll quickly become a company that’s changing the marketing game for the better – and reaping the rewards. To learn more and tap into this solution, visit here.