There’s no imagination like that of a child, and the LEGO Group is bringing that to the world of art through its latest Fly Away Isles installation.

The LEGO Group is teaming up with visionary artist Hebru Brantley for the new immersive play installation that will be housed in the heart of West Harlem.

Local children involved with The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis) nonprofit youth development organization were invited to share their ideas surrounding community play by building their own world using medium LEGO® bricks.

90 Years of Play

“Play is fundamental to the wellbeing and happiness of the whole family – it changes lives and brings us closer together, but we know families today feel they don’t play enough. Children can make the most mundane moments playful and are full of amazing ideas for how to rebuild the world around us for the better. So, it felt only fitting for the brand’s 90th Anniversary that we put kids in the driver seat to help us inspire and bring more play into the world,” said Alero Akuya, VP of Global Brand at the LEGO Group. “We hope the awesome new playscape Hebru and the children have created here in Harlem inspires those of all ages to experience the creativity, imagination and joy of play.”

In celebration of 90 years of LEGO, the company announced Aug. 10 as its inaugural World Play Day and unveiled the exhibit through the accessible, inclusive, and creative space built straight from the eyes of children.

Play As A Lifestyle

Hebru Brantley, known for his vibrant use of color, uses a playful artist approach to address necessary themes around nostalgia, power, and hope through his work. Now, with the Fly Away Isles project, things are no different.

“When the LEGO Group asked me to help celebrate the power of play for their 90th Anniversary, I jumped at the opportunity. Working on this project for the past few months has been so much fun, and I’ve loved collaborating with The Brotherhood Sister Sol kids,” Brantley exclusively told AfroTech. “Fly Away Isles is a reflection of what the children thought would help bring play to the community and it was an honor turning their dreams into reality. To me, play is an important part of everyday life and I hope this installation brings people of all ages together to promote play, fun and creativity.”

Fly Away Isles will be available in Johnny Hartman Plaza, 140 Hamilton Place, New York until Nov. 5.