When it comes to ice cream, not only is it important that the delicious treat is packed with flavor, but it’s an added bonus when the designs that make up the packaging are full of flavor, too!

Last year, graphic artist Jade Purple Brown worked with Häagen-Dazs during their Tastemakers program. The goal was to help the brand find its footing across platforms like Instagram.

At the time, she worked alongside the team to launch #ThatsDazs, an initiative used to bring more visibility to underrepresented communities and the work of creatives who dream big much like the Brooklyn artist. 

This year, her role has elevated. As the popular ice cream brand prepares to launch its new national collection of ice cream starting today (April 19), Jade is now behind the designs for the  “City Sweets” collection ice cream that’s inspired by renowned street foods like soft pretzels, waffles, churros, and more.

City Sweets

“I was inspired by the City Sweets flavor cues and the joyous, luxurious feeling that comes with indulging in ice cream,” Jade told AfroTech in an exclusive interview. “I paired this feeling with my signature style to create mouth-watering swirls that capture the vibrant spirit of the new collection.”

The new flavors include Dulce de Leche Churro, Coffee Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel, Summer Berry Cake Pop, and Black & White Cookie. In addition to the new savory options, the collection also includes three snack bar flavors.

“Each flavor is translated in a way that feels abstract and unique. You see this in the winding curves of color that look like a churro, the round cloud-like shapes that look like a fluffy cake pop, or in the fluid swirling pattern that looks like when milk is poured into a fresh cup of coffee,” said Jade.

Taking Up Space

For an artist like Jade, showcasing her talent is one thing, but encouraging others to know that they can do the same is another. As someone who has had a love for art since the very beginning, the Brooklyn native always looked at art as a form of creative expression.

“It’s important for other up-and-coming artists to see that their art has the ability to take them to so many different places and that their own unique point of view holds importance,” she shared. “That’s another reason why I’ve loved working with Häagen-Dazs. They really gave me a platform within their business to showcase my talents and have my voice heard. The brand is also continuing to uplift the next generation of creators and this work includes a $1.5 million commitment over three years to aid organizations that support marginalized creative communities.”

When she isn’t creating designs for Häagen-Dazs ice cream packaging, Jade can be found designing her own throw blanket line filled with “vibrant and luxurious Egyptian cotton, merino wool, and recycled cotton knits that will add a pop of personality to your space.”