If you want to learn how to build a tech company, come to Greenwood!

The Black-led and founded tech-enabled digital banking platform was built solely with Black people, Latinos, and true allies of the culture in mind. Now, the mission continues by offering the community the resources needed to build their own empire.

In an all-new series, “The Making Of A Black Tech Company,” the platform is providing a firsthand look into how we all can play a role in bridging access and wealth gaps through financial solutions.

Throughout the show, viewers will learn more about the company’s special approach to building a company rooted in tech. They will also hear directly from the company’s leaders and a few familiar celebrity faces who have invested not only funds but time and energy into Greenwood since its inception.

The Making Of A Black Tech Company

“‘The Making Of A Black Tech Company’” series gives our community an inside look at the leaders behind Greenwood and the journey with us through our entire company and product builds,” said Ryan Glover, Chairman and Co-Founder of Greenwood, in an exclusive statement shared with AfroTech. “As a Black-led tech company building a platform for the Black and Latino communities, we keep our mission at the forefront: offering initiatives and solutions that bridge access and promote financial inclusion and wellness for all.”

Glover, alongside other executives at the company, will talk through a range of topics — with one being the process of creating the Greenwood debit card and using technology to solve the inequity existing within the financial system for people of color across the nation and much more.

Greenwood Studios

Greenwood is more than just a leading digital banking platform. In fact, the company has its own Greenwood Studios, which is centered around producing essential personal finance content tailored specifically for the Black and Latino community. 

The new series is an extension of the efforts led by the studio and will be a new way for people to learn more about personal finance in a way that is both educational and entertaining.

Overall, Greenwood Studios was designed to both educate and inform the community as a continuation of the company’s mission to provide financial inclusion and wellness solutions with the culture in mind.

Each episode will become available and range between three and five minutes, starting this week.

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