Another artist has tapped into the cannabis space.

According to a press release, musician, songwriter, and Grammy award-winning artist, SAINt JHN will be partnering with Lost Farm by Kiva to launch an exclusive cannabis line. The partnership is a perfect match as the artist credits Kiva’s Live Resin Lost Farm products for playing a major role in creating new heat in the studio and during downtime after his shows.

SAINt JHN On The Partnership:

“Edibles are a part of my daily lifestyle. Whether I’m listening to the music I just made, creating in the studio, and definitely right after a live show,” he told AfroTech. “When I was first introduced to Lost Farm a couple years back, they’ve been my go-to products for everything. I even make sure my day-to-day team keeps a pack of Lost Farm gummies and chews on them just in case I forget my stash at home. They pack a punch and I love the richer, stronger elevation that you get from the strain-specific live resin. Getting the opportunity to create something of my own with a brand I’ve admired for so long has been everything I’d hoped for.” 

What To Expect From The Drop

On April 25, fans can look forward to the release of Dragon Fruit x Grape Pie Cookies Lost Farm Gummies in select California dispensaries. The indica-dominant strain Grape Pie Cookies, which are handpicked by SAINt JHN, were described as “bright, juicy, dragon fruit and sweet pomegranate” and carries the essence of “mild, gassy Grape Pie Cookies notes.” Each gummy contains 10MG of THC for a total of 100 mg per container.

“The first launch in our collaboration, Dragonfruit Gummies infused with the Grape Pie Cookies strain, is out now and simply unparalleled. Like all of our Lost Farm products, they’re plant-based and made with strain-specific 100 percent live resin to provide a distinctively brighter, more complex, full-spectrum edibles experience. Live resin is made from cannabis flower that’s flash-frozen within two hours of harvest. So, it retains all the delicate flavors and aromas of the plant at their very best. This delicious 10MG THC fruit gummy features flavors of juicy dragonfruit and sweet pomegranate underscored with mild, gassy notes from the indica-dominant strain,” said Creative Director at Kiva Confections, Rebecca Nelson, in an e-mail interview with AfroTech.

The exclusive drop will only be available while supplies last.