Artificial Intelligence might be the future, but it’s plagued with issues that are becoming more prominent. A new program from the Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative is hoping to combat some of the issues that are arising as the technology is being more widely used.

The organization will launch an open call later this month where it will accept proposals that address issues facing AI. Specifically, it is trying to tackle a few areas: governance, platform design, bad actors and journalism. The best ideas will receive $750,000 in investment funds from the foundation.

AI problems have made national news lately. Earlier this summer, the ALCU did a test of Amazon Rekognition, the tech giant’s facial recognition tool. It ran the faces of lawmakers to see if the program could recognize them. Instead, it falsely identified 28 lawmakers as criminals, 39 percent of which were people of color, including Representative John Lewis.

By hosting an open call, the Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative hopes to expand the range of ideas, tools and communities that are involved in fixing the concerns that arise with AI, instead of leaving things completely in the hands of private companies.

Submissions open on Sept. 12 and must be submitted by Oct. 12, 2018.