In 1997, Kirk Franklin wrote the song “Stomp,” and in the introduction, he says: “For those of you, that think gospel music has gone too far,

You think we got too radical with our message, Well, I got news for you; you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!”

Since that moment, many other artists have pushed the envelope for what gospel and inspirational music means. From collaborations with artists outside the genre to writing songs across music styles, gospel artists have long broken the proverbial box society has tried to place them in. Tye Tribbett is one of those artists, but his work with Justin Timberlake only got him a $2,000 payout

The Road To Success

Recently, Tribbett sat with video personality and influencer Kev on Stage. On his show, “Welcome to the Stage,” Kev and Tribbett discussed his upbringing, the range of his career, and what’s next for him.

During part one of the two-part interview, Tribett revealed that before signing with Columbia, Tye Tribbett and his choir were featured on the soundtrack for Disney’s “The Prince of Egypt.”

Due to the star-studded performers on the album and being the only choir in the lineup, future collaborations with mainstream artists opened up. As a result, Tye found himself in the studio with legendary producer Timbaland.

He Got Paid How Much?

At the time, Timbaland was working with Justin Timberlake on his debut solo album, “Justified.” Timbaland invited Tye to do the background vocals on “Cry Me A River” alongside one half of Floetry, Marsha Ambrosius. While grateful for the opportunity, Tye noted his compensation didn’t add up to the others working on the project.

“I did the vocal arrangements on there, me and the girl Floetry — and then, took off. “Cry Me A River” was like huge. So, I got like $2,000, and he [Timbaland] got like $2 billion. But I love you, guys. I love you, Tim,” Tye explained during his interview.

It's All In The Past

Since those beginnings, Tye has won two Grammy Awards and had his album “Greater Than” peak at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 in 2013. Tribbett recently released his fifth album, “All Things New.”