Did you know that one out of every seven people goes to sleep hungry? On the other hand, more than 70 billion pounds of food are thrown in landfills every year. Apps like Goodr are looking to bridge that gap.
The Atlanta-based startup that allows people to connect excess food with those in need announced last week that it raised $1.25M. Goodr is working to eliminate food waste, and although they’ve redistributed about one million pounds of food, they’ll be able to help even more people with this new pot of cash. Goodr plans to launch pilots in Chicago, Raleigh and L.A.
For corporate employees who want to find a good use for their excess food, they can list what will be left on the app and a Goodr driver will plan to pick up the food and take it to the communities who need it. They’ve worked with major clients such as Hartsfield–Jackson International airport and more.
On the tech side of things, the Goodr team uses Blockchain technology to track the food from where it originates to where it is distributed in the community. Within that app, corporate clients can check how much they have donated and also how much they are able to save in tax reductions.
Goodr wants to license out the technology they use to big food companies via SaaS. Campbell’s is amongst the big food brands that are in talks to try it out. And with all of the food waste they’re eliminating, the Goodr team is also exploring alternative energy and what’s possible to make out of the food waste they recover.
“We did it,” said Jasmine Crowe, founder of Goodr, on Instagram. “We believed that hunger and food waste we’re[were] worth fighting for and now the real work begins. Thank you to all of you – our amazing supporters who have believed, shared our story and given us your unwavering support. We’re expanding to more cities, creating more jobs, keeping more waste out of landfills and making sure that EVERYBODY EATS! Make sure you’ve signed up on our connection form and get the news first of our next launch city.”
This round was led by Precursor Ventures and also included investment by Trail Mix Ventures, Techstar Ventures, Halogen Ventures and various angel investors.