On Github — a software development platform — people are able to share, discover, and build better software. The site also gives people the benefit of being able to collaborate with the 36 million developers who use it.

That type of community is valuable, especially in coding, where it helps to have a second set of eyes on a project. Plus, Nigerians are taking full advantage of everything GitHub has to offer.

GitHub’s CEO Nat Friedman told Business Insider that Nigeria is one of the fastest growing developer communities on GitHub and that growth has been consistent over the past two to three years.

Friedman went on to add:

“I’d say in terms of the talent here, what you see is a huge amount of potential and aptitude; incredibly smart people, motivated, persistent, and with a positive attitude. At the top, it’s just world-class talent, with deep technical knowledge and skill. You go to a place like Paystack, and it is a top startup worldwide. Not just a top Nigerian startup, but worldwide. You see it in the team, the culture, the way they are thinking about how they’re building the company, the growth rate, all world class.”

The company that Friedman referenced, Paystack, is a technology company that describes itself as being “proudly made in Nigeria.” The company builds technology to help businesses in Africa grow.

In the past, other GitHub teams have visited Nigeria. However for Friedman — who joined the company as its CEO in late 2018 — it was his first time visiting the GitHub community there.