This Georgia-bred woman left corporate behind not only to defy business odds but to create a useful product that the world has never seen before.


According to Georgia’s Albany Herald, Tara Harris initially was on a quest to take on Hollywood, armed with a degree in mass communications and a minor in theater. Now, she has taken a different path and created a feminine product that is unlike anything on the market.

“This is one of those ‘hometown girl comes back home to make a difference’ stories,” Harris said. “In Hollywood, I got a job through a temp agency in the human resources industry. I turned that into a full-time job with a private agency and steadily worked my way up to senior direct of HR. I was in line for the next step, vice president.”


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A Life-Changing Event Inspired A Business

A medical procedure in 2020 changed the course of Harris’ life forever, and now she is the brains behind FemeFlex Pantiless Liners, a first-of-its-kind feminine hygiene product that experts believe might just be the world’s next breakout hit.

“This was all me,” she recalled of her journey getting the product into a handful of Walmart stores and even Emmy  swag bags thanks to a connection in Hollywood. “No one helped me.”

After the aforementioned operation caused Harris to make a wardrobe change of her own, it also inspired her to think outside the box, creating something that all women can benefit from.

“Women don’t like panty lines, and I kind of asked myself why there was no product that allowed their MVLP — ‘most valuable lady part’ — to remain fresh and hygienic without the telltale lines,” Harris explained. “I mean, they had pasties for women who wanted to wear backless dresses, why not the same thing for women’s MVLP?”

A trip to Target, a glue gun, some silicon, a couple of Band-Aids, and a few failed attempts later, the Ellaville native officially had a new invention on her hands.

The Road To Patenting Her Product

“The patenting process was so nerve-racking,” Harris recalled. “I started the process in 2020 and only recently got the go-ahead to release FemeFlex under ‘patent pending’ status. As I got deeper into the idea, I decided the best place to make this happen was at home, so I came back. I thought, ‘How cool would it be to release my product in my hometown, in the place where I used to shop growing up?’”

That place just so happened to be the Walmart located in Americus, GA.

“I went to the local Walmart, and the marketing manager from the Warner Robins Walmart happened to be visiting the Americus store,” Harris said. “I just went up to him and asked how I could get my product in the store. Amazingly, he liked the idea, and I was granted permission to debut FemeFlex Pantiless Liners in the Americus and Warner Robins Walmarts.”

Next on Harris’ radar is to move the manufacturing plant for her pantiless liners to Georgia, providing people in her hometown with “an opportunity to work for a company that will take care of them [and] reward them for their work.”